By joining Port Orchard BPW, you will not only be a member of the Local Organization, but of the State Federation.

Port Orchard BPW is a member of the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce. Members of Port Orchard BPW are welcome at all Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce meetings.
Membership application

1. Impact
Be part of a national and state movement and make a difference in the lives of workingwomen as we work together to create the changes needed for equitable work environments and supportive communities.

Exchange ideas, explore business opportunities, and share common goals with professional women at the community, state and national level.

3. Advocacy
BPW Foundation is headquartered in the Washington. D.C. metro area for a reason - to provide members effective national representation on issues critical to workingwomen. Through BPW membership you have a powerful voice on small business issues, with corporations, on Capitol Hill and in Olympia.

4. Education/Career Enhancement
Participate in BPW programs that are specifically designed to provide personal and professional development and growth.

5. Information
Have quick access to relevant up-to-date information about topics essential for workingwomen such as the entrepreneur center via the BPW websites .Members are also kept on top of developing issues and organization activities through the periodic e-newsletter Workplace Transformer.

6. Leadership
Develop leadership skills at the Local State and National level with mentors to help you along the way. Maximize the career-boosting value of your BPW membership by identifying volunteer opportunities that match your professional goals or strengthen your existing skills.

7. Visibility
Gain visibility and prominence in your community through involvement in BPW Foundation events locally, statewide and nationally. Meeting, newsletter and websites provide opportunities to showcase and promote you and your business.

8. Helping Others
BPW has a proud tradition of "women helping women." Supporting the BPW Foundation and Washington State Foundation allows you to help other women upgrade their skills or return to the workplace while furthering workplace equity and work-life balance.

9. Friendships
Membership in BPW brings many rewards but the most lasting and meaningful are the lifelong friendships. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get in a roomful of powerful women all focused and energized on current issues and a common cause. Whether it is laughing together, working together, or lobbying together, BPW members know how to have fun and to get the job done!

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